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Any Zimbabwean national who is 18 or over and is registered.


Those who were formally regarded as Aliens by the Zimbabwean government (identified by an “A” on your ID) are now eligible to vote.

Aliens are residents of Zimbabwe who hold duo citizenship; they are either of foreign origin themselves or their parents are originally from Malawi, Zambia or Mozambique.

When registering, Aliens should take along their Identity Documents, Proof of Residence and long-form birth certificates.

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Disqualified or dead voters

The constituency registrar must remove as person from the roll if he or she has reason to believe that a voter whose name is registered on a Voters’ Roll has become disqualified for registration as a voter or is dead. This is dealt with in section 33 of the Electoral Act.

Absence from Zimbabwe

The constituency registrar must remove a person from the roll if he or she is satisfied that a voter registered on a Voters’ Roll:

  • has been absent from his or her constituency for a period of 12 months or longer and is not a voter who was registered with the approval of the Registrar-General of Voters in a constituency in which he or she was not resident; or
  • has left Zimbabwe with the intention of residing permanently outside.

The disqualification for absence for a period of 12 months absence will not apply to the following persons and spouses of:

  • A person residing outside his or her constituency while he or she is a Vice-President, Minister, Provincial Governor or Deputy Minister;
  • A person performing duties outside the country while in the service of the State;
  • A person residing temporarily outside the country serving with an international organization of which Zimbabwe is a member;
  • A person employed by a Zimbabwean resident or by a society or company the control and management are in Zimbabwe;
  • A body incorporated in Zimbabwe.


Zimbabweans living outside the country will not be able to cast their vote on Election Day.
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