Please Note: Zimbabwe’s Harmonised Elections will take place on Monday, 30 July 2018

Voting is simple, just take along your valid national identification document to your assigned Polling Station.

When voting at the Polling Station in your Ward, you will be processed according to the following steps:

  • Upon arrival at the Polling Station, join the queue
  • Present your valid national identification documents. Your fingers will be checked for indelible ink
  • Your name will be checked on the Voters’ Roll to confirm that you are registered to vote. Your name will then be crossed out to indicate that you have come to vote
  • You will receive three coloured ballots for President, National Assembly and Councillor
  • Your small left finger will be marked with indelible ink. In case of any disability, the next finger in order will be marked
  • In the booth, secretly mark your ballot paper with an X for your preferred candidate
  • Fold your ballot papers and place them in the corresponding coloured ballot boxes.
  • Leave the Polling Station

Please note, priority will be given to people with disabilities, the elderly, pregnant women and nursing mothers.


Below is a list of Polling Stations, listed by province:

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When to Vote

Get ready, Zimbabwe’s Harmonised Elections have been set for Monday, July 30 2018.

Note: The presidential run-off vote has been set for 8 September if no candidate gets at least the 50 percent-plus-one vote required

Where to vote

Zimbabwe is divided into 58 districts that are further divided into 1,200 Wards. You will vote at Polling Station in your assigned Ward. This will be detailed on your registration slip.