When Are Zimbabwe's Harmonised Elections?

30 July, 2018. This is when every registered voter will head to the Polling Station in their assigned ward to vote for three candidates of their choice. 

Is Election Day A Public Holiday?

Yes! The Government of Zimbabwe declared 30 July a public holiday to enable the electorate to vote without challenges from work related commitments. 

Where Do I Vote?

Once registered, voters receive a Registration Slip that details which Polling Station they must go to on Election Day.

Where Can I Find My Polling Station

If you have lost your Registration Slip, you can find out which Polling Station is your by clicking here and find out which Polling Station is closest to you.


When Will Election Results Be Announced?

4 August, 2018. Presidential election results are announced within 5 days after polling day by the law.


Why Would A Runoff Election Happen?

If no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote there will be a runoff.

When Is The Runoff Set For?

Zimbabwe’s election will happen on 8 September.

Should I Vote Again?

Most definitely. It is important that every registered voter gets out vote again so as to choose the candidate of their choice.


What is Biometric Voter Registration (BVR)?
Biometric Voter Registration uses biometric technology (capturing unique physical features of an individual, in Zimbabwe’s case fingerprints are used) in addition to demographics of the voter, for polling registration and/or authentication.

The enrolment infrastructure allows collecting and maintaining a database of the biometric templates for all voters and to ensure there are no duplicates.

Why is ZEC taking finger prints when they are not going to be used on voting day?
Since every individual has unique finger prints, putting voters unique fingerprints into the BVR: i) enhances identification of voters; and ii) prevents chances of multiple registrations. The BVR machines will automatically detect such attempts. This means that the chances of duplicates and multiple voting are avoided.
Will The BVR Machine Be Present On Election Day?

No, on polling day the BVR machine will not be there. ZEC will make use of a person’s identity document and the picture taken during voter registration. Polling Officers will not inspect a person’s finger prints.


What will happen to the old Voters' Roll? Will there be a totally new voter register?
The BVR exercise entails the registration of all prospective voters afresh to create a completely new Voters’ Roll. This means that the old Voters’ Roll will be discarded.
What does the number on the voter registration slip represent?
  • The first 4 digits are the serial number of the BVR machine on which the voter‘s fingerprints and photo were taken when he or she registered to vote. The serial number is important so that if a person claims he registered but their name is not on the Voters’ Roll, they can show their registration slip and a ZEC officer can check the machine on which they registered to see what if anything went wrong.
  • The next four digits show the date on which the person registered, i.e. the day and the month.
  • The next four show the time, e.g. 14.30.
  • The last digit is a random number from 0 to 9 to make the series of digits up to 13 which the machines are set to read.


Why Proof of Residence? What is its purpose? What about the majority of youths in urban areas who are renting and do not own property?
Proof of Residence is a legal requirement and is meant to allocate an eligible voter a particular Polling Station where they will cast their ballot as stated in Section 157 (1)(b) of the Constitution as read with section 23 of the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13]. This is also necessary because the country has adopted Polling Station specific Voters’ Roll and voting.
What can be used as a Proof of Residence?
  • Sworn-in affidavit form
  • Utility bills in your name
  • Credit statements in your name
  • Letter from the landlord
  • Letter from employer
  • Letter parents confirming that you reside with them
  • Lodger’s permit
  • Title deeds
  • Certificate of occupation
  • Letter with Post Office markings reflecting your address
  • Letter from village head or chief confirming your residence
  • Clinic card
  • Letter from the mine owner
  • Letter from your Pastor
Why is the commission rejecting driver’s licences as Proof of Residence?
National Driver’s license can be awarded to non-Zimbabwean national hence you are encouraged or required to carry your valid passport or Zimbabwe ID metal or plastic or waiting pass with the photograph.