Here are the 10 functions of the ZMC

Parly calls for public nominations for persons to serve on ZMC
Parly calls for public nominations for persons to serve on the ZHRC

Do you know the functions of the Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) as enshrined in section 249 of the Zimbabwean constitution?

The Zimbabwe Media Commission has the following functions —

a)   to uphold, promote and develop freedom of the media;

b)   to promote and enforce good practices and ethics in the media;

c)   to monitor broadcasting in the public interest and, in particular, to ensure fairness and diversity of views broadly representing Zimbabwean society;

d)   to encourage the formulation of codes of conduct for persons employed in the media and, where no such code exists, to formulate and enforce one;

e)   to receive and consider complaints from the public and, where appropriate, to take action against journalists and other persons employed in the media or broadcasting who are found to have breached any law or any code of conduct applicable to them;

f)     to ensure that the people of Zimbabwe have fair and wide access to information;

g)   to encourage the use and development of all the officially recognised languages of Zimbabwe;

h)   to encourage the adoption of new technology in the media and in the dissemination of information;

i)     to promote fair competition and diversity in the media; and

j)     to conduct research into issues relating to freedom of the press and of expression, and in that regard to promote reforms in the law.


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