UN Secretary-General message on the occasion of WRD

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UN Secretary-General message on the occasion of WRD

Radio is widely known as the medium of Africa, this is because of its wide coverage, low literacy rates and because it is cheaper.

Today is #WorldRadioDay and this year’s celebrations are running under the theme: “Radio and Diversity”

Below is the message of UN Secretary-General António Guterres on the celebrations of World Radio Day:

Radio brings people together. In an era of rapid media evolution, radio retains a special place in every community as an accessible source of vital news and information.

But radio is also a source of innovation that pioneered interaction with audiences and user-generated content decades before they became mainstream.

Radio offers a wonderful display of diversity in its formats, in its languages, and among radio professionals themselves.

This sends an important message to the world. As we strive to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and tackle the climate crisis, radio has a key role to play as a source of information and inspiration alike.

On this World Radio Day, let us recognize the enduring power of radio to promote diversity and help build a more peaceful and inclusive world.

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