Here is How Citizens can Participate in Parliament Public Hearings

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Here is How Citizens can Participate in Parliament Public Hearings

Parliament has an obligation to consult citizens in its lawmaking processes as failure to do so may result in legislators coming up with repressive legislation which can end up being challenged in courts.

Section 141 of the Constitution, subsection (a) compels Parliament to: “Facilitate public involvement in its legislative and other processes and in the processes of its committees.”

Citizens are encouraged to play an active role by attending public hearings in order to submit their contributions before bills are passed into law.

However, sometimes due to limited financial resources at its disposal parliament is sometimes left hamstrung to discharge its duties by failing to hold public consultations across the whole nation.

How citizens can contribute to bills besides attending public hearings

Citizens including those living outside the country can send their written submissions addressed to:
The Clerk of Parliament
Attention: Portfolio Committee on Defence, Home Affairs and Security Services
P.O. Box CY 298


e-mail submissions to

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