Here’s How Anyone Can Be A Part Of The #iVoteZW Campaign [Videos]

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Here’s How Anyone Can Be A Part Of The #iVoteZW Campaign [Videos]

As we shift into fifth gear just in time for the Elections, we take a look at how you can get involved in the #iVoteZW campaign.

Noticeable by its bright yellow, you might have seen the campaign both online and in various shops across Zimbabwe. The initiative is working towards mobilising and supporting citizens to get out and vote on 30 July for Zimbabwe’s 2018 elections:

The initiative is grounded in the thinking that if election information is simplified, easily accessible, packaged in visual infomercials consistently aired in high traffic areas and being articulated by personalities that communities look up to and connects with, more citizens will be motivated to get out and vote on Election Day.

Take a look at the visuals below:

You can see the rest on Go Zim’s homepage.

Feel like playing your part? Anyone  can be part of the campaign by:

  1. Following, liking, sharing and contributing to iVoteZW :


  1. Applying to host an online event on iVoteZW platforms to educate, inform, mobilise and support citizens to get out and vote
  2. Share information about the campaign in your networks
  3. Take a selfie or a 30 sec video or any message packed in any art expression with content encouraging citizens to get out and vote and send to message iVoteZW for sharing
  4. Post a message on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram encouraging citizens to Get out and Vote – don’t forget to tag iVoteZW
  5. Post #iVoteZW on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram
  6. Write an article expressing your opinion with regards to voting on 30 July for publishing on Facebook
  7. Pray for a Peaceful election
  8. Donate airtime for data to any voter in need to follow the campaign online
  9. Report any violation of voters rights to police

Got it? Great – see you at the polls!

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