How To Make Your Mark On The Ballot Paper

Bulawayo, Go Zim Is Heading Your Way This Weekend!
Postal Voting: Everything You Need To Know

Get flustered easily? Not to worry, you’re not the only one.

When confronted with big decisions, like voting for the next president, it’s only human to find yourself in a position where mistakes are likely to happen.

Now that you know what to do once you arrive at the Polling Station in your assigned ward, we thought it might be helpful to explain what exactly it is you need to do when marking the each of the three ballot papers during 30 July harmonised elections.

What is the Correct Way of Marking a Ballot Paper?

Well, when marking a ballot paper the voter is supposed to place a cross (X) in the marking space. An X is used to clearly indicate the intention of the voter.

What Must the Voter Not Do With the Ballot Paper?

The voter must not place his or her signature / initials / fingerprint in the marking space as this could lead to the identification of the voter and the vote would no longer be secret.

What Happens if the Voter Spoils a Ballot?

When a voter unintentionally spoils a ballot, he or she is entitled to a second ballot.

Why May a Ballot be Rejected at Counting?

There are several reasons why a ballot may be rejected:

  • Not indicating with certainty the intention of the voter
  • If it is blank and/or if no markings have been made on it
  • If a voter by mischief spoils the ballot and marks it in the box
  • A ballot marked for two or more candidates

Got it? Great – now let’s make 30 July a great one! Go Zim, get out and vote!

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