How Those Who Require Support To Vote Can Get Assistance

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How Those Who Require Support To Vote Can Get Assistance

Can’t walk or see like you used to? Registered to vote, but need assistance marking your ballot paper? Not to worry! The ZEC has outlined those how those who need help voting can get it.

What Happens if you Require Assistance?

Assistance is upon request. If someone you know is illiterate or physically handicapped, they are allowed to bring a confidant with them to the Polling Station for assistance. Both will enter the booth.

Please note that while the confidant does not have to be a registered voter, they have to be over the age of 18 years. They can only assist once.

If the voter does not have an option for a confidant and requires assistance, then a Presiding Officer will assist the voter in the presence of two Polling Officers and a Police Officer as a witness.

In both instances, the assistance must be noted by the Recording Officer.

Since this information is for those who might not be able to read or access this site, please share it with your friends and family.

See you on 30 July!

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