Five Measures To Counter Election-related Violence

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Five Measures To Counter Election-related Violence

Have you already started fearing for your safety while voting in Zimbabwe’s upcoming Harmonised Elections?

Well, to put your mind at ease there are a few arrangements being put in place so as to counter election violence and intimidation.

Veritas published information on Part XVIIIA and Part XVIIIB of the Electoral Act, two parts of the act which provide special measures for the investigation, prosecution and trial of cases of politically-motivated violence and intimidation, as well as the punishment of people convicted of such violence or intimidation.

The measures provided for are:

  1. Designating magistrate’s courts to deal with politically-motivated violence and intimidation.
  2. Requiring the Prosecutor-General to provide competent prosecutors deal with these case promptly.
  3. Requiring the Commissioner-General of Police to take measures to ensure that cases of politically-motivated violence and intimidation are properly investigated.
  4. Making candidates and office-bearers of political parties responsible for ensuring that their supporters do not engage in politically-motivated violence or intimidation.
  5. Special penalties that can be imposed for politically-motivated violence and intimidation.

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