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Emerging Covid-19 variants, vaccines rollout amid lockdowns measures

Emerging Covid-19 Variants, Vaccines Rollout Amid Lockdown Measures

By Khumbulani Muleya Covid-19 infections in Zimbabwe have reached new levels due to a cocktail of variants that keep emerging. This situation has put a huge […]

Demolition of Vending Stalls, Tuck-shops is Equal to Killing the Citizenry

By Aleck Murimigwa Last month (June) the central government and local authorities in Zimbabwe started demolitions of vending stalls and tuck-shops on grounds that they are […]

Threats Against NGOs: Is The Civic Space Closing Again?

By Aleck Murimigwa In recent weeks, the Zanu PF-led government has threatened non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that are operating in the country, accusing them of plotting to […]

Quote of the week

To make democracy work wemust be a nation of participants, and not just observers.

- Marcus Ettemus

Voter Registration Campaign: What the Youths Must Know

By Aleck Murimigwa Voting is a constitutional right enshrined in Section 67(3) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe. It states that, “every Zimbabwean citizen who is of […]
Voter Registration Centres

Voter Registration Centres for Zim 2023 Polls

As of April 22, 2021, the voters roll had 5 648 821 registered voters broken down as 3 051 533 females and 2 597 288, males. […]
Parliament of Zimbabwe #GoZim

Zimbabwe’s Constitution Amendment Bill No.2 Details

The present Constitution of Zimbabwe became fully operational on the 22nd August 2013, having been assented to on the 22nd May 2013, by the President as […]